It’s Fine

My FAVORITE meme on the Internet is the dog sitting in the room full of fire and acting neutral about it. Why? Because I think that’s how a lot of us feel.

When I graduated last May, I had four days between coming home and moving to New York for my grad program. These four days were spent unpacking and repacking (not successfully, sorry mom and dad) while trying to do the assignments I left until the last minute. Then, I got to New York City, started and completed my program, and moved to an apartment on the Upper East Side for three months. Finally, I came home. Did I expect to? No. Did I want to? …it’s complicated.  Continue reading

An Egg-cellent Easter Brunch

Easter brunch has been a tradition in my family for as long as I can remember, and this year, while we tried to find a brunch spot in the city, we could not find a menu that suited our needs. Paging through both á la carte and buffet options, each one was more disappointing (and shockingly expensive for food that didn’t even sound good) than the last. We had the idea to make brunch at home instead! After searching through spring dishes, Easter classics, and more, we came up with a simple but delicious menu.

IMG_0400 Continue reading